Video Clips from Antarctica

    All of these video clips are shot by Tony or other folks and then encoded into a MPEG format video clip by the Video Sphinx Pro.  Due to file size limitations for internet use at the Antarctica station, the clips are then cut into several pieces and sent over the internet.  We then reassemble them into full length clips and display them here. 

    These clips are an average of 1.4 MB in size, so folks with slower internet connections my find it tedious to download many of them.  If you need software to view MPEG format files, follow this link to TUCOWS and pick the one you think sounds best for you. 

        Tony_room_McMurdo.jpg (26753 bytes)   Tony's Lodging at McMurdo Base                            Delayed_at_McMurdo.jpg (25750 bytes)   Weather delays the trip to Antarctica


        Ice_Breaker_Cruise.jpg (23681 bytes)   Taking a cruise on an Ice Breaker                             On_To_The_Pole.jpg (23974 bytes)    The flight is a "go" after the weather clears


        Aircraft_Exhaust.jpg (28195 bytes)   Plane exhaust at the new construction site.        plane_exhaust.jpg (17527 bytes)    Plane smoke at Williams Field


          SuperBowl_Tuesday.jpg (33769 bytes)   SuperBowl Tuesday at Antarctica                      Inside_plane.jpg (37089 bytes)    What it is like inside a transport plane


          Pole_Croquet.jpg (33832 bytes)    The Pole becomes a part of a Croquet game      Essentials.jpg (34162 bytes)    Stocking up on essentials for winter


          penguin.jpg (15342 bytes)   A penguin comes to see eveyone off                  Delta.jpg (24937 bytes)   Delta


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Prepared by Tony Hansen, Garry Rose.   Last edited 8 Feb. 1999