Video Clips from Antarctica

    All of these video clips are shot by Tony or other folks and then encoded into a MPEG format video clip by the Video Sphinx Pro.  Due to file size limitations for internet use at the Antarctica station, the clips are then cut into several pieces and sent over the internet.  We then reassemble them into full length clips and display them here. 

    These clips are an average of 1.4 MB in size, so folks with slower internet connections my find it tedious to download many of them.  If you need software to view MPEG format files, follow this link to TUCOWS and pick the one you think sounds best for you. 

            thumbdelayed.jpg (56651 bytes)        Tony is delayed getting to Antarctica.


                             thumbmcmra.jpg (46865 bytes)         Tony arrives at the McMurdo base.


                                                thumbwilliams.jpg (27276 bytes)        Waiting for clearance to get underway to the Pole.


        A message for All and friends at LBL from the Pole.     thumlblall.jpg (35141 bytes)


    thumlblall.jpg (35141 bytes)        Tony, being a man of many toungs, gives a similar greeting in Slovenian !


                                            thumbroom.jpg (33657 bytes)         Take a peek into Tony's quarters.


                                                             thumbcamp.jpg (35311 bytes)         The layout of the Antarctic camp.


                                                A greeting from Tony for his Family        thumbemail.jpg (52360 bytes)


aroundworld.jpg (43347 bytes)        Around the WORLD in 30 seconds !


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Prepared by Tony Hansen, Garry Rose and Paul Babushkin.  Last edited 6 Feb. 1998