AE33 Averager Download

AE33Averager software update available via Aethalometer User Group page.

Visit page to download the update. If you are not yet registered, you will need to complete the registration and then download the software.

get the software 

You will find the link to the update Under "Products" - "AE33".
In order to succesfully complete the registration, you need toe register the product via this form.

Program calculates hourly average BC concentrations for all 7 channels. Valid data contains all measurements along with the tape advance. Program works for measurements conducted before 1. December 2016.

Operating system requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.

Instructions for usage:

1. Select input folder

- select the location of the files you want to reprocess,

- select all consecutive daily files for reprocessing by clicking on them, use shift for multiple files.

2. Select files by pressing left mouse button and move over the files you want to select.

3. Select export folder:

- Averaging report will be saved to that folder.

4. Set "Measurement time stamp" to the setting being used during Aethalometer measurements. It is also possible to adjust measurement time using "Adjust time" function.

5. Click "Average!" to process the files:

- the progress-bar will indicate the progress of the evaluation,

- if you want to cancel the evaluation click the "Cancel averaging" button.

6. The averaging result file is created for each evaluation containing hourly averages followed by  % valid data (includes TA time) and % data capture (excludes TA time) quality parameters. The averaged data are stored in the file AveragingResults-AE33-S0x-nnnnn_yyyyMMdd_hhmmss.dat with the columns: begin_datetime, end_datetime, average BC for channels 1-7, valid data, data capture. 


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