AE-16 Aethalometer data from Phoenix, Arizona: Weekdays vs. weekends

This page shows two charts comparing 24-hour overlays of data taken with an Aethalometer during two summer months in Phoenix, Arizona. The first chart shows the overlay of many weekdays' data (i.e. Monday - Friday) : high concentrations are seen, with individual peaks probably due to vehicles near the measurement site.  The typical traffic pattern is very obvious, and the mid-day minimum is due to lifting of the temperature inversion and increased vertical mixing.  The second chart shows the overlay of data taken on holidays - i.e. Sundays and the July-4th holiday.  On these days, the concentrations are much lower and show very little diurnal variation. The conclusions available from these charts and their comparisons are immediately obvious. This illustrates the power and usefulness of real-time data


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