AE-16 Aethalometer data taken from car on highway

These two charts show measurements taken with the Model AE-16 Aethalometer operating on the passenger seat of a car while driving on the freeway. The instrument was powered from the cigarette lighter socket through a small (100-watt) inverter. The sampling hose was put out of the passenger window, pointing backwards to avoid direct entry of grit. No special installation was required for the Aethalometer: it was simply put on the passenger seat and plugged in.

Measurements were recorded on a 1-minute timebase. The first chart shows the data taken while driving from Berkeley to Sacramento in the morning. The second chart shows the data taken while returning from Sacramento to Berkeley in the afternoon. The time axis is reversed on the second chart so that the data may be compared directly. Higher concentrations are seen in cities, lower concentrations in intervening countryside.


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