Comparison of Aethalometer data with other analyses

This page shows two charts taken from a recent publication (Atmospheric Environment 33, (1999), p. 817, G. A. Allen et al.) comparing Aethalometer data with thermochemical analysis of filter samples and with data collected from a 'Coefficient Of Haze' instrument. The results show excellent agreement, indicating that the Aethalometer output may be directly related to other familiar techniques. Click here to download this paper as a PDF file.

The 'TOR' method ('Thermal-Optical Reflectance', Atmos. Environ. 27A, (1993), p. 1185) is a well-accepted technique in which the sample is progressively pyrolyzed with continuous detection of evolved carbon.  Material devolved at high temperatures is denoted 'Elemental Carbon' ('EC').

The 'COH' instrument ('Coefficient Of Haze', Air Repair 3, (1953), p. 22) was used extensively for many years from the 1950's to the 1970's to characterize the "haziness" of air by an optical absorption technique similar to the Aethalometer method. A large historical database of COH measurements exists for many cities.


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