Aethalometer® Overview

The Aethalometer® is an instrument that uses optical analysis to determine the mass concentration of Black Carbon particles collected from an air stream passing through a filter. These particles are directly emitted to the air during all combustion, but are primarly associated with coal or diesel smoke. They adversely affect public health; contribute to local and global climate change; and reduce visibility. Aethalometers are used by air-quality monitoring programs; public-health protection agencies; research laboratories; and community groups.

Aethalometer data contribute to an understanding of the composition and sources of air-pollution particles; the effects of poor air quality on public health; and the effects on local weather and global climate change.

The Aethalometer technology is available on different chassis and platforms: Rack Mount, Portable, Modular, High Range, and Transmissometer. The Aethalometer is also offered in two configurations of light analysis: 2-Wavelength (infra-red 880 nm for Black Carbon; ultraviolet 370 nm for aromatic organic compounds) and 7-Wavelength (7 sources from 370 nm to 950 nm).  

The ‘Next Generation’ Aethalometer®, Model AE33, incorporates scientific and technical advances designed to offer improved measurement performance, user features, communications and interface, and the ability to perform routine performance tests to verify correct operation. Most importantly, the new instrument incorporates the patented DualSpot™ measurement method. This provides two significant advantages: elimination of the changes in response due to ‘aerosol loading’ effects; and a real-time calculation of the ‘loading compensation’ parameter which offers insights into aerosol optical properties. read more

Rack Mount Aethalometers®

The Aethalometer® is the most widely used instrument for the Real-Time Measurement of Aerosol Black Carbon ('BC' or 'EC'). The Aethalometer is fully automatic and completely self-contained and has been used by scientists for more than 15 years on all 7 continents.
Portable Aethalometer®

The Portable Aethalometer® is a compact version of the standard Aethalometer® that includes an internal battery for mobile use. Like the standard Aethalometer, the portable is fully automatic and completely self-contained.

SootScan™ Model OT21 Transmissometer

The SootScan™ is designed to analyze filters for Black Carbon content which are collected from both ambient and source applications. Since the method does not alter or destroy the sample during analysis, the OT21 method can be used to quickly determine BC from samples collected specifically for US EPA PM-2.5 Federal Reference Method (FRM), Method 5 / 201A stationary source, and mobile source compliance determination. Importantly, because Black Carbon PM is non-volatile, sample analysis can be performed on archived filters as well as freshly collected ones.

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