Aethalometer® Overview

The Aethalometer® is an instrument that uses optical analysis to determine the mass concentration of Black Carbon particles collected from an air stream passing through a filter. These particles are directly emitted to the air during all combustion, but are primarly associated with coal or diesel smoke. They adversely affect public health; contribute to local and global climate change; and reduce visibility. Aethalometers are used by air-quality monitoring programs; public-health protection agencies; research laboratories; and community groups.

Aethalometer data contribute to an understanding of the composition and sources of air-pollution particles; the effects of poor air quality on public health; and the effects on local weather and global climate change.

The Aethalometer technology is available on different chassis and platforms: Rack Mount, Portable, Modular, High Range, and Transmissometer. The Aethalometer is also offered in two configurations of light analysis: 2-Wavelength (infra-red 880 nm for Black Carbon; ultraviolet 370 nm for aromatic organic compounds) and 7-Wavelength (7 sources from 370 nm to 950 nm). 

Rack Mount Aethalometers®

The Aethalometer® is the most widely used instrument for the Real-Time Measurement of Aerosol Black Carbon ('BC' or 'EC'). The Aethalometer is fully automatic and completely self-contained and has been used by scientists for more than 15 years on all 7 continents.
Portable Aethalometer®

The Portable Aethalometer® is a compact version of the standard Aethalometer® that includes an internal battery for mobile use. Like the standard Aethalometer, the portable is fully automatic and completely self-contained.


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