Sample Inlet Dryer

Drying an aerosol sample stream is necessary in locations where the ambient air has high Relative Humidity.  This improves the accuracy and reproducibility of the scientific measurement, and protects the measuring equipment from water condensation. If an ambient air stream of high dewpoint (condensation temperature) is brought into an equipment room which is chilled by air-conditioning, water can condense in the sample tubing and also in any measuring instruments.  This condensation of water will completely invalidate the accuracy of the aerosol measurement, and will usually also cause serious damage to the measuring instruments. This problem can be eliminated by removing the water vapor from the sample stream using a Nafion® membrane based drier. The Magee Scientific aerosol inlet stream dryer uses this technology to reduce the dewpoint of an air stream by up to 14°C at a flow rate of 5 LPM.

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO)  recommends that all aerosol measurements should  to made at a Relative Humidity below 40 % for best accuracy (WMO/GAW 2003).

The Magee Scientific aerosol stream dryer operates using a Nafion® membrane to remove water vapor from the sample stream by permeation to an outer space maintained at a low absolute pressure by means of a vacuum pump which is provided.  The Nafion membrane is selective for water vapor and this process does not affect any of the aerosol particles’ physical properties.  

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